Are you ready for another weekly update? Weekly updates are written by NOBODY (the user) and cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past week.

Each of these updates lists notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

Notable new edits

The Colour Blind page was renamed "Colourblind" for consistency with the game's name on the "All Games" page of

Some very minor edits were made to the Development section of the Super Feed Me page. Some extra clarification and proper dates for events were added. [1]

New content

The Square Meal 2 article was updated with how the game is currently cancelled (Development section -> last sentence) and was also revised by Emitewiki2. [2]

The Go Pogo article was created, with information contributed by Megaphantaze and NOBODY. [3]

GouchnoxWiki added some glitches to game articles.
Two Cave Chaos glitches: [4]
Two Colourblind glitches: [5]

For the Surface article, some minor Development information was added (last sentence of the Developer section). [6]

For the Green Ninja article walkthroughs for levels 64 and 65 were added, along with a Trivia point. [7]

The Development section was added to the Ribbit article. [8]

MatiasNTRM added to the Calamari page a gameplay video of the game. [9]

GouchnoxWiki added to the Colourblind totems article some observations about the uses of colours throughout the game. [10]

Notable new images

GouchnoxWiki added a lot of images to Nitrome Wiki.

For the Mutiny articles, he added an animated sprite for each enemy and an animated sprite of their captain for each enemy article, and for many of the weapon articles he added weapon cursor animations and images, animated GIFs of weapons, and the explosions of some weapons. Mutiny article list: [11]

For Ditto related articles, he added to the gems page a GIF of the gems and to the red block hazards a GIF of a small and large block.
Gems: [12]
Red blocks: [13]

For the changeType() green robot, he added a GIF of it. [14]

For the Cave Chaos gems page, he added GIFs of gems from each game. [15]

On the Flue Nasal mucus page, he added some images of the character. [16]

He added to the Tiny Castle page a GIF of a glitch. [17]

He added some images to Colourblind articles.
On the flying clouds page he added a GIF of the enemy. [18]
He did the same on the crawling clouds page, adding an image of the regular enemy and the enemy in pink. [19]
On the totems article, he added images of the totems and paintbrushes. [20]

Nitromian Poptropica added to some articles images of characters as they appear in the Shop skin.
Tanked Up tank: [21]
Square Meal Trolls: [22]
Twang Black Ball: [23]

Thanks for reading this week's weekly update!

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