Hi all, welcome to a Nitrome Wiki weekly update!

Weekly updates cover notable edits and contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past week. These updates were originally posted on Nitrome Wiki's Facebook page, but I thought posting them here would help them get more exposure.

Last week brought more information about Nitrome Touchy's creation, the finishing of Plunger's text walkthrough, and lots of media content from Frostyflytrap.

New content

Random-storykeeper finally finished the Plunger article's walkthrough, adding levels 20-24. The Plunger article now has a complete text and video walkthrough, something shared by only a few other articles! [1]

Work on the development section of Nitrome Touchy was continued, finishing off the reasons behind creating Touchy and covering the events from Touchy's teasing to its Android release. Did you know fullscreen was added less than 2 weeks before iOS Touchy was finished? [2]

New videos walkthroughs were added to the Hot Air 2 article, specifically a regular and all stars walkthroughs for levels 15 and 16, and all stars walkthroughs for levels 17 and 18. [3]

The Go Go UFO meteorites page was expanded by Grammar Cat. [4]

The Green Ninja Year of the Frog article had some new information added to the development section. [5]

New images/audio

Frostyflytrap added an image of the Mecha Saur from Nitrome Must Die moving. [6]

Frostyflytrap also added to the Nitrome Must Die page an image of the animated security screens. [7]

Along with that, Frostyflytrap uploaded all the music for Nitrome Must Die, and you can listen to it on the article. [8] (in the left infobox under "Music")

Nitromian Poptropica added images of the Submolok communications satellite at different stages of the repair. [9]

Frostyflytrap uploaded images of the ending of J-J-Jump, specifically what it found in the ending. [10]

You've reached the end of this update. Thanks for reading!

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