It's the start of the week, and that means another weekly update! Weekly updates are blog posts that cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past week.

Notable edits

The Square Meal 2 page was partially revised and citations added. [1]

New content

Megaphantaze added to the Magic Touch spells article how the fire spell (heart symbol) can kill multiple knights, how the fire will subside in 2 seconds after killing a knight(s) and how the frog (Ω symbol) is good for combos. [2]

The page for the cancelled 3D cube game called "Surface" was revised and expanded. How the cube in the Youtube video flipped the player was added, and the tech demo section was revised. [3]

The Fluffball article's level walkthrough was further expanded by Random-storykeeper with a text walkthrough for levels 3 and 4. [4]

The Hot Air 2 video walkthrough guide was finally finished, with an all stars walkthrough for levels 26, 28, and 29. Although 28 and 29 already had all stars walkthroughs, a second all stars walkthrough was added for those who found the initial one too hard. [5]

Nitromian Poptropica has been adding the descriptions of Nitrome games that are shown on the games page. Currently he has gone from Hot Air all the way to Fault Line, or Nitrome game 1-76.

Content was added to the Nitrome Touchy article, this being that the high premium price was due to large development costs, although Nitrome thought it reasonable for a game controller. [6]

If you like the animations in the front page slider, you can now see a lot of older ones. With the help of Frostyflytrap, pages for slider animations for each year were created, each containing all the animations for that year. He has currently covered animations from 2005-2009. [7] (note: the animations are swf files and require flash)

AustinCarter4Ever added how Cuboy's presence on Nitrome Enjoyment System material was a reference to the Nintendo character Diskun. [8]

Notable new images

Nitromian Poptropica added an image of molten glass from the game The Glassworks. [9]

Tema19867 added images of Silly Sausage in Meat Land gems to the Silly Sausage series interactive objects page. [10]

MatiasNTRM added many more images of the slider animation for several games. [11]

Thanks for reading!

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