Weekly updates cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over the past week, each update listing notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

Notable edits

On the Colourblind article, in the Level 21 section the start, early parts, and "The stone tablet" section were edited to remove mentions of difficulty. "The stone tablet" section (final Level 21 section) was also made shorter and more concise. [1]

New content

On Gunbrick mobile article, the Awards section was updated with an instance in April 2016 when the game was featured on the iOS App Store. [2]

GouchnoxWiki on the Turnament series Interactive objects page changed "Invisibility tiles" to "Stealth ground" (their official name), and added in the Trivia section a glitch regarding coins. [3]

He also added to the Rust Bucket villagers article more information about the movement of adult and young villagers in Endless Mode. [4] (first paragraph)

On the Leap Day article, the Development section was updated regarding the game being completed and submitted for review to the various app stores, and in the Trivia section some Mega Man trivia was added. The Previews section was renamed Announcements, and in this section four more announcements and six preview images were added, the preview gallery was put into a collapsible box (present only in a desktop browser), and a video was added. [5]

The 2016 article was updated with events from the start of April to April 22nd. [6]

On the 2007 article, events from the start of the year up until November 2007 were added, all of this being the dates or date intervals for game release. [7]

Notable new images

On the Rust Bucket weapons article, GouchnoxWiki added for each weapon a GIF of the animation seen when attacking with that specific weapon. [8]

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