Hi all!

For a long time, I've been trying to advertize the Nitrome Wiki. And I've done so, with my blog and Youtube. One thing that would make everything easy is if Nitrome linked to us. However, if Nitrome were to link to us, they would have to get something out of it. It's not like they are there to help tiny help-needing Nitrome Wikis.

I actually could not think of something we had that could help Nitrome, we are just a fan site, and being an encyclopedia, it makes it hard to present something that would help Nitrome if we are just writing about what Nitrome has done. We could probably interest them in long articles about stuff, so that if they make a sequel, they can determine what has to be done.

Well, although that is speedier then importing stuff from another game, not sure if Nitrome would ever think of that. At the end of the day, the Nitrome Wiki is still just a place to read information or help on a Nitome games, nothing that would interest or help Nitrome (well, articles on staff have obviously interested staff in the Nitrome Wiki).

However, yesterday we were featured on the Nitrome Blog, ad it was really good. For some time I wondered "how was this done?". Later, I realized how over the weekend (or before), Santi had made a comment on the Test Subject Complete post, saying that if Nitrome wanted to fix glitches, they could go see the article.

It was an absolute success. We were features in the Nitrome blog because of Santi's continued advertizing. Also, although many of you haven't noticed, Santi has been continually advertizing the Nitrome Wiki on Facebook by providing links to people on Facebook to the wiki in terms of if they are having trouble, or alternatives to other stuff.

It's really great to see the Nitrome Wiki finally back in the Nitrome blog after 2⅔ years. Thanks Santi!

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