Editing updates cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over a certain period of time, each update listing notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

Notable edits

GouchnoxWiki revised the Test Subject series Blue article, revising and clarifying some content in the Nitrome Must Die, Proto-suit, and Rex209 sections. [1]

New content

GouchnoxWiki added to the Rust Bucket resistance system article a sentence about treasure chests (bottom of the "Resistance types" section). [2]

Random-storykeeper created the Submolok switches article. [3]

The release of Leap Day brought a lot of new content to the article.
GouchnoxWiki added in the "Gameplay" section information about the game's gameplay, trophies, how levels are created, and checkpoints.
Megaphantaze added the "In-app purchases" and "Glitches" section.
NOBODY added in the "Announcements" section information about announcements from May 4-19, their respective preview images, and the game's trailer. He also updated the "Development" section with events from May 4-19, created the "Versions" section, covering the game's updates; and the "Reception" section, currently covering promotions from app stores. Sim533 added all the game's music to the main infobox. [4]

Component articles were created for the enemies, hazards, and interactive objects in Leap Day, and contain information about all content seen in levels up until May 23rd. Megaphantaze, GouchnoxWiki, NOBODY, and Random-storykeeper contributed content to these articles, and GouchnoxWiki contributed images.

  • Enemies: [5]
  • Interactive objects: [6]
  • Hazards: [7]

The Leap Day Fruit articles was created by Random-storykeeper and expanded by her and GouchnoxWiki. [8]

The Leap Day protagonist article was created by Tema19867 and Random-storykeeper expanded it with information. [9]

On the startups article, a section for the Leap Day startup was added, with a GIF of the startup added by Tema19867 and a description by NOBODY. [10]

On the Beneath The Lighthouse article, NOBODY and Random-storykeeper added to the "Achievements" section the Google Play and Game Center point values for all the achievements. [11]

On the Vault! article, the "Versions" section was updated with a section called "Google Play update version 1". [12]

On the Rust Bucket article, the "In-app purchases" section was added, the level 18 section was updated the movement inputs that work with the newest mobile update, and the "Reception" section was added, which currently covers the game's overall reception from review websites. [13]

Notable new images

GouchnoxWiki added to the Rust Bucket weapons article an image of the bomb bow and spear rotating. [14]

Tema19867 added to the Menu article in the "Nitrome game menus" section menus for all games after Submolok (November 2014 onward) and created the "Mobile game menus" section, which lists menus for just mobile games. [15]

He also added on the "Special announcements" article an image of the Green Ninja announcement. [16]

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