Editing updates cover notable contributions to Nitrome Wiki over a certain period of time, each update listing notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

Notable edits

GouchnoxWiki edited Template:Turnament series and added next to each enemy/hazard/object link a small icon of that component, to make navigating the template easier. [1]

Megaphantaze revised the levels section of the Mirror Image article, changing instances of second-person to third-person. [2]

New content

The release of Rust Bucket Update 3 brought lots of new content to Nitrome Wiki, which was added by GouchnoxWiki and Megaphantaze. The following content was added to Rust Bucket articles:

  • Pigs: information about bulls. [3]
  • Rust Bucket article: A section for the sewer levels (levels 31-40), a short description of the scenery and enemies introduced, and a video walkthrough for each level (the video is a compilation of levels 31-40). The Enemies section was updated, a section titled "Update 3" was added to the Versions section, and in the Trivia section a trivia point was added which detailed changes made to crates in Update 3. For the Level 30 section, directional inputs for room 4 were added by NOBODY. [4]
  • Weapons: Bomb bow section added. [5]
  • Enemies: Skull bombs, crabs, blobs, and crocodiles sections added. [6]
  • Endless Mode: Game aesthetics section updated with toxic scenery. "Content introduced" section was revamped and put into a table that beter seperates content by score. Small icons for each enemy/hazard/object were added next to their names. Score sections updated: 1, 5, 10, 11. [7]
  • Interactive objects: Sections for rocks, mushrooms, and goo tiles. Three trivia points. [8]

On the Gunbrick mobile article, information was added to the "Reception" section about the game getting a special background on the iOS store. [9]

On the Scribble interactive objects page, Megaphantaze added information about signs and keys. [10]

On the 2016 page, Tema19867 added all the events that happened during March and one event in April. [11]

Quantumgillotine57 added to the Final Ninja Zero Lady Snow Fox page more information about her appearance on level 19. [12]

Notable new images

Mikulus6 added to the Final Ninja 0 Dr. Boshi's base article an image of the base during the night. [13]

On the Leap Day article, two more previews were added to the Previews section. [14]

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