Has anybody ever had a dream of the Nitrome Wiki? Nobody probably has, since we don't have much users. Something like 6 months/a year after I started editing, I started having dreams about the Nitrome Wiki. Not good dreams, like editing happily, more like nightmares (well, I wasn't scared in them). Most of them were about unregistered contributors or users coming and completely tearing the place apart, vandalizing and stuff like that. I often had these dreams, and after about a year or so, stopped having them. I now rarely have them. Some time ago, I had a dream that some users changed the MediaWiki of the wiki, causing the skin to appear strangely. I recently had a dram that 8 people created accounts and vandalized 900 pages on the Nitrome Wiki.

In my dream, I looked at the recent changes (which, in every Nitrome Wiki dream, is what I first look at) and saw all the vandalism. I thought "how am I going to revert all this?", and fortunately, another admin cam along and started cleaning things up. Have you had any Nitrome Wiki dreams?

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