2 days ago, I sent a message to the account called "Nitrome Wiki", asking which Nitrome Wiki member ran the account. 2 days have passed - no answer. Now, I'm ready to ask Nitrome if they could rename the account to something else so I can create another account called "Nitrome Wiki".

However, I couldn't think of anything I could do with the account, and I think Nitrome wouldn't rename an account just because it has the name of Nitrome's most popular and well known fansite, as other than it could be used for malicious purposes and for making people think it officially represents the Nitrome Wiki, I can't think of any more evil it could do or what else it could be used for.

So I was wondering, do you have any suggestions for what the account could be used for? Since it is an account that represents a fansite, it would have to be used for something that helps Nitromians, or something outside the regular activities of usual accounts. So, do you have any ideas for what it could be used for if I or someone else got control of it?

Because these will be my reasons for requesting that the account be renamed, if it ever comes to that.

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