I had this idea in my head for a long time, so now I thought it would be best to put it down here. I will (hopefully) provide images.

Nitrome Fighter is a platformer fighting Nitrome game. It is very similar to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series.


Default Controls

Controls can be modified in game.
← - Move left
→ - Move Right
↑ - Jump
↓ - Duck
A - Standard Attack (The most standard attack/ attack with item in your hand)
S - Pick up item (pick up the item in front of you)/ drop item (drop item your holding)
D - Special Attack (Attack exclusive to that person)
W - Shield (emit a shield lasting for a few seconds)/ Grab (grab the person in front of you)
↑ + B - Do a high jump special attack (best used when falling off a cliff)
←/→ + B - Do a running Special Attack
↓ + B - Do a down special attack (best used while in the air with a platform below you)

Pick Ups


How it works

In Nitrome fighter, characters don't really have health. All the player's health start at 0%. Damage will increase the percent. The higher percent they are at the more easily they are to destroy. To destroy players, they have to be knocked off cliff, or dealt enough damage that they are instantly knocked off the stage.


In the Smash Bros. Games, when you pick a stage, they say the name of the stage and what game it is from.

World 1 - Hot Air

A stage where it has a few platforms, lots of spikes, and some hazard and enemies from the Hot air series.

Land of Nod - Sandman

Players start at the bottom of the stage and sand appears out of thin air, dropping to he ground. Because of the dropping sand, mounds of sand will pile up and make new platforms. The screen will move up when 75% of the stage is filled up with sand.

Land of Nod 2 - Sandman

No sand is poured. Elements from Sandman instead are placed everywhere. Invisible Blocks appear between platforms, Water appears at the bottom of the platform, along with Portals the transport the player to other areas of the stage and Nightmares who walk everywhere dealing damage to the player.

Jungle - Chick Flick

A jungle like area with a single Nest. The Chicks will fall from the top of the screen and the Squirrels will bounce every one. Chicks will deal damage to the player, and Chicks that make it into the Nest will open up new vines for the player to walk on. Items from Chick flick will also fall. Bomb Chicks will instantly kill players, Hearts will decrease the percentage from the player who catches it.

Circle - Roly Poly

The circle from Roly Poly which moves randomly. Also, Hazards

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