In some time in 2012, Nitrome started the Pixel Love section on the Nitrome blog. The sections was a hit, the first game - Super Puzzle Platformer - was exceptional. It was fun, not hard, good art and great music.

This weekly blog section brought Guardian Rock, which...was good, but a puzzle game. Next was Tower of Heaven, a retro platformer. Hard on level 7, but still good. After that came Roar Rampage...which I had already played. After that came Depict1. Depict1 was a platformer game, a very fun one. The dialogue was exceptional, rivaling that of Valva's Portal series.

After that came Small Worlds, a short but exciting exploration game. After that we get Reprisal, a real time strategy game consisting of isometric graphics. I got kind of confused on what had to be done (my sister kept saying how she keeps looting peoples houses in the game...).

After that came three action games, and then an offensive puzzle game. We then get Escape From Puppy Death Factory, a very well done puzzle-platformer with a Metroid twist. After that we get an action game (Fracuum), a puzzle game (Photon Baby), three action games (Sheepwalk, Cactus McCoy, Tobe's Hookshot Escape), and then three puzzle games (Seedling, Puzzle Farter, and Five).

After that we get an two action games (Corporate Climber and Snow Tale), a puzzle game (Magnet Kid), and unusual shooter game (Llama in your face), an offensive platformer that uses an idea first seen in Nitrome's Parasite (the offensive game is Soul Tax), and then from November 6th 2012 to the present time of me writing this blog post (January 31st 2012), we are greeted with ≈three months (November-February, and don't count the two weeks Nitrome was Pixel Love-less) of Puzzle games!

Yup, from Gravity Duck to Perception (Perception put out on January 28th), we have had 9 puzzle games straight (if you exclude Space Odyssey and One Button Bob). 9 is a lot. Now, I ask the questions - do you find the Pixel Love section is too puzzle oriented? I tend to not like puzzle games, and prefer more action-like games.

Do you think Pixel Love is too puzzle oriented?

The poll was created at 23:20 on January 31, 2013, and so far 4 people voted.

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