So here I am, replaying small fry so I can record the new ending. On level 19, I encounter a block that moves vertically, pulling itself up then dropping down. When I first saw this, I had never seen it before. I thought "Either this is in fact a new hazard, or it hasn't appeared so much it looks new".

I went to the small fry template, and there was no record of any "Crusher Block" (at least from that game). If any of you have got up to level 19 of small fry prior to the update today, can you tell me if you've seen this block? Because I'm ready to say it was added in the update, but I'm not sure whether it appeared prior to the update, and I don't want to deceive our viewers.

Answer in the comments (actually, me saying this is rather strange as, where else would you answer?). Also, this blog post marks my 16,000th edit!

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