One day, while I was doing my Math, an idea popped into my mind: [on the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki] we have the best fan art contest, why not the worst? The idea of a "worst fan art contest" made me laugh, and is actually the second thought I have thought up myself that has made me laugh.

The worst fan art contest would go like the usual fan art contest, only the worst fan art for that contest will be ranked 1st, and the best will be ranked last. This seemed like a great idea, however, some people may get very sad if they score 1st, as there fan art will be deemed "the worst", and people often don't want negative feedback on their work.

A way around this is that we have a disclaimer, saying that the aim of the contest is to get the 1st, and not to enter if you don't want 1st. The rules for an entry would be the same as the rules for an entry in the current fan art contest.

This was just an interesting and funny idea I thought I should put in a blog post. If it gets popular enough, maybe it may go on the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki.

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