How was everybody's Halloween? Did anybody go out trick-or-treating? If you did, what did you dress up as? I dressed up as a Ghost, with a noose around my neck, as last year my costume was moving around and it was difficult for me to see, and the noose made my costume look better. My costume looked good, although it was very, very simple (bed sheet with eye holes cut out, noose around my neck).

I went out trick-or-treating with my sister and dad, although only me and my sister were the only ones who did the trick-or-treating. We took a different route this time/ When we were done, we had one fully filled bag instead of the usual two. I noticed that there were not that much people giving out candy or people trick-or-treating. After that, I browsed the Recent Changes of the wiki.

So, how was Halloween for everybody else?

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