This month's poll inspired me to ask this question, how often do you use the Nitrome Wiki for walkthroughs? Since we do have a lot of walkthroughs, it would be worth finding out.

Me, I actually haven't used the Nitrome Wiki for any walkthroughs, although I believe this is because I (and Ayernam) actually add most of the walkthroughs, and most of us have completed most Nitrome games. I tend not to play old Nitrome games over again, and the ones I do play I play for walkthroughs only.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to ask. This is probably my shortest blog post. Well, better get back to writing the Super Stock Take article in Notepad (I hope Stocktake isn't released tomorrow (Monday March 11th 2013 - I add this note just so that people who read this many day/months/years/decades/centuries//billions of year/[insert other length of time here] are not confused), I haven't got all the treasure pictures taken yet! And the beta section isn't complete yet).

Also, for those of you who are confused, I got to beta test Super Stock Take.

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