Hi all.

During Nitrome:Revise 3, I came across the Twin Shot 2 page. During this project I'm doing, I have a sub project where if I come across a game that does not have video walkthroughs, or has been documented in Nitrome:Walkthroughs, then I search for videos of levels on Youtube, and document the game.

When I came across Twin Shot 2, due to the sheer amount of videos I would have to search for (likely over 70), I thought of asking for help from other users. Ayernam has been helping me greatly in this sub project. Anyway, since there are 50 good levels and 50 evil levels, that equals 100 levels.

Now, since I assumed there was going to be a walkthrough for every level, I though this game page would be difficult. However, a quick search on Youtube revealed that there weren't any walkthroughs on any levels past level 50 of Twin Shot 2.

Now, what I would like to ask is, does anyone here have the evil levels of Twin Shot 2? Because if you do (and would like to help the Nitrome Wiki), I can show you how to create video walkthroughs.

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