Have any of you played the Hot Air Jr. Demo? How did you like it? Did you absolutely hate it? I did. The game is just so hard! Although they updated the physics, they, along with updating it, completely destroyed it. I thought maybe it was because I was playing on my Dad's new laptop...seems that wasn't the case.

What I "hated" was mainly the physics. They made Hot Air Jr. way to light, and also too big. He doesn't move fast enough, and often you have to blow him really hard in the direction you want to go, as he moves way to slow when blown usually. Along with that, Jr. seems to have gained much more weight, as he falls faster. Mini Octobosses move much more faster, and it is hard to get past Axes on chains as they move too fast.

The corridors of levels are also hard to go down with Jr.'s increased weight. Due to the large numbers of Octobosses, and there "wall bouncing" ability and increased speed, they are very very hard to pass or blow into another room. Picking up the Key adds much more weight to you, making it hard to go past the two rooms of enemies you already past.

Oh yeah, the giant Axe much faster. After about a minute of playing the demo, my wrist began to hurt. All-in-all, Hot Air Jr. is the second most disappointing Nitrome game I have ever played, next to Ribbit. Games like Ice Breaker - although they didn't really appeal to me - at least weren't incredibly hard. Thank goodness Nitrome released a demo. So...what did you think of Hot Air Jr.?

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