Hello everybody! Today, I completed Flash Cat. I never create a blog post saying I complete I Nitrome game, but this time I did becuase for the first time in something like 1-2 years, I actually completed a Nitrome game that wasn't the most recent one at the time of its release. As of some time, I stopped playing Nitrome games becuase I wanted to help the wiki. So for something like 1-2 years, I only played Nitrome games when they were immediately released, so that I could write about it.

Recently, I acquired 8 hours to use on the computer. This morning, I wrote mostly on my dad's computer becuase this one I am currently writing on was occupied. My dad's computer had SpellChecker, but for some reason it didn't think the wikia box I was writing in was something that had text. This lead to many writing errors. When this computer was free for me to use, I went on. After seeing Emitewiki2's edit on the Robot page, I thought "Hey, isn't Flash Cat the game with cool 3D graphics?". Since I had so much time, I thought of playing it. I did play it, and complete it in an hour. I was surprised, as I would thought I wouldn't. One part I like in games is great Graphics, and fun (well, doesn't everybody?).

If you want to see the ending, click this link.

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