So I got up this morning, and went downstairs to do my round check of the Recent Changes. I didn't check Nitrome for a Pixel Love game, as I believed they wouldn't have one (Nitrome blog posts are posted between 12:40-1:00 pm where I live, it's rare you would find anything earlier than that). I was happy to see that Nitrome had something up.

So I went and began playing Enough Plumbers, Mario-themed puzzle game. Got up to level 10, died a lot, so I clicked the "[walkthrough]" link. I went to the page, clicked the "More info" button of the video, and navigated away. Went to eBay, and within 3 minutes I got a notification that a Javascript Obstructing function had bee blocked by my Antivirus. Also, the name of the blocked object had mario/ at the start of its name.

So a little note... Don't press the [walkthrough] button! This event reminds me of Depict1, where certain things are the opposite of what they are.

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