Hi all!

Although many of you don't know this, I played and completed Colour Blind a full month before it came out, mind you many of the levels had stuff changed in them to make the easier or harder.

Through all my playing, I only found levels 19,


, and 20 difficult. Level 19 was difficult because you had to get through the entire level without dieing to get all coins, dieing at any time either results in you manually resetting the level or having to spend most of the level getting back to where you died. A few playthroughs of the level allowed me to complete quite easily without dieing.

Level 20 was hard mainly in the last part of the level, notably the spiky creatures.

Level 21 was so hard! Although they were generous on the checkpoints, the level offered so many ways to die easily. Tiredness also was a factor in the game's difficulty - the first time I played the level I played it for around 2 hours.

And that secret object at the end, you have to complete the level in 3 minutes 20 seconds - cruel! It was also easy to get stuck on certain sections of the level.

Collecting all the coins in the game was easy, thanks to how a collected coin in the level stays collected until the level is exited. So with all that said - coin collection was easy, three levels were hard - what difficult parts did you find in Colour Blind? Was the game easy or hard for you?

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