Hi all! Remember how for the Nitrome Wiki's birthday, we put up a Birthday banner? Well, I thought of doing something similar to that, only Christmas themed!

What we would do is for a certain number of days, we could have a christmas banner up. This banner would include several Nitrome characters at some sort of cabin place. I've already done part of the image, but not much. I really had no idea what to add, other than the Santa Duck and the Flipside pulled by bull beasts.

Anyway, below is the image, work in progress. ChristmasBanner_WIP.png

Please note that the image is work in progress, it's not done yet. Also, the cabin uses the wood below the window. Anyway, since I didn't really have much ideas, I thought of coming to all you Nitrome Wikians, so you could suggest stuff to add to it.

Of course, whether this image goes up is dependent completely on whether it is allowed to go up (or in other words, only if Santi gives it the ('.')-b, and not the ('.')-p).

Anyway, you can suggest things to be added to the image, and even suggest some things to be moved around. Of course, in the event this community semi-project is a failure (seems as though it's been quite common for me), I'll finish it myself. Anyway, don't feel obligated to suggest content, suggest whatever you feel should go in the image.

Also, if Santi gives it the ('.')=b, we should add some text to the image (if it is finished).

Suggest away!

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