Hi all!

With April Fools just around the corner (this coming Monday!), I've been thinking of stuff to do for the front page for April Fool's (And I've got permission).

So, do you have any ideas? Because I don't, I have two ideas for the slider and 2/3 did you know's for the front page, and the fake Featured Article, the unusual battle of the week, and strange poll.

However, since I haven't got anything down, I'm asking if anyone has any witty idea or joke for the front page. Currently, I need:

  • Two more slider ideas (I may not be able to do the art for the two I've thought of, so any ideas will be appreciated)
  • Five or more did your know's for the Did You Know section
  • Anything else that could go well with the page

Although I do have an idea for the Featured Article, an unusual battle of the week, and a strange poll, you can also submit ideas for them, and if I find it better than mines, I'll use it.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Post your jokes or ideas below! Also, users may receive prizes in the form of userboxes or wikia stuff, or other stuff I can think of.


Update 1

I probably worked on this for a combined total of over 12 hours. Below is a (possibly) incomplete slider image for Test Subject Complete. The words that appear for the image will be "Test Subject Complete released!" and the words under this being "The semifinal chapter in the Test Subject Series!".

The joke for this is, since Test Subject Complete has not been released, the game is still incomplete. Thus, the Rubble Trouble Team are working on adding the remaining content to the stage. Image below: Template.png

Green lines denote where the slider will begin to blur things. The content under these lines will probably be hard to see when it is submitted to the slider.

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