Hi all!

Ever heard of the unreleased Nitrome game called Spacescape? Of course you haven't! That's because it was never a Nitrome game - it was an image! It being a Nitrome game and all that stuff is just outright lies!

In short, Jon Annal created a large image of several astronauts fighting aliens, with lots of references to old games and movies. Anyway, he put that up on his Pixel Joint account. I saw it, thought it was an unreleased Nitrome game, and treated it like one. Honestly, I would never think so many people would believe me. They did, and to this day, people are still asking what has happened to this fabled Nitrome game called "Spacescape".

In fact, because people are still asking and wanting know, and the enormous impact I've made in Nitrome society, I think it needs an article. Confused? Then you should read the article I want to place on the Spacescape page. Even if you already know about the entire situation, consider reading it, because it is drastically different then any other Nitrome Wiki article, so different that I decided to get community support for making this an actual article, before posting it to the page.

If I did not get community support, and just immediately posted it on the page, then many of you would really question whether I should still be an admin or not. So go on, read the article, you can edit it to fix up what needs fixing up (although you should comment here before removing large chunks of text). Suggest major content to add or to remove from the article, in the comment of this blog post (you can still make tiny edits to the article, edits such as grammar fixes and stuff like that).

Read the article


Ayernam (he made a comment below) has pointed out below that it would be best just to create a section on the Jon Annal page about Spacescape, then redirect the Spacescape page to link there. Seeing as this would be a good idea (as if you look at the article, I don't really have enough sources for people asking for Spacescape), I'm asking if any of you object to this.

Although it would be preferable to have an article on it (using my article), this idea for Jon's page seems best. Also, if any of you want to read the article, it's right here. I'll also make a link to it on my subpage section.

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