Well everyone, today I didn't have to do my Math today, so I finished schooling early. So what did I do? I went and analyzed my Dittos in Pokemon SoulSilver. What I want to do is I plan on making a new team of 6 Pokemon, the team revolving around a certain strategy. I plan on fighting people over the internet with my team. Through going through Bulbapedia, I've picked the Pokemon to be part of my team.

I would explain what I plan on doing with the Dittos and a heavily simplified definition of IVs and Base Stats, but that would require around 3-4 paragraphs, and that's not the scope of this blog posts. And many of you probably wouldn't like to read me ramble about some game many of you don't play and formulas you probably won't understand, so I'll just say this: if you want to know more, message me, because what I want to say probably won't interest most of you.

Anyway, while analyzing my Dittos, I thought "Why not check Nitrome?", so I checked Nitrome. They published their Friday update, informed fans about Ice Breaker iOS's mailing list (which has been up for 2-3 weeks on the Ice Breaker Website, but Nitrome probably does this so that they can explain this to their bonehead fans), and said they may release a new game next week, and fixed the Icon Game so you can select levels and can expand the screen to different widths 'n lengths.

What was peculiar was how on the front page, it linked to blog post 692 and 694, but not 693. Nitrome blog posts posted on the front page are posted according to increasing number (1, then 2, then 3, 4, etc.), but I found it peculiar that there was a one number gap. There has never been a gap between posts since last year (that post lost between the gap being just a template for the Nitrome Blog posts).

Curious to know what this blog post was, I typed in the URL , (the URL for the missing post), just expecting that it would redirect me to's front page. Well, I was surprised to find that it was the post to be used on Monday for Monday's Pixel Love game.

I was absolutely shocked! "A Pixel Love game on Friday?!" I thought. The two solutions for this event is that Nitrome accidentally posted this, or they plan on swapping the URL's of 694 and 693 on Monday.

The blog post (as I think Nitrome will soon take it down):


The game is even up!

Well, this is just strange strange strange. Anyway, I thought this deserved a blog post.

Pardon my misspelling, I was rushing to finish this blog post within 5 minutes.

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