so, it has come to this. Our beloved user FrostyFlytrap has said one moment ago, that his account will be deactivated in a month. He feels, that all his friends wants now to get used to Klemen702, what he doesn't want to happen. Frosty has now come to decision that Klemen is not worth of being here. From my opinion he can stay here, but not come in chat. This way we don't need to ban him from the Wiki. Frosty thinks he is not worth being here either since the past things.

The thing is, that he wants now Klemen to leave this Wiki, since we have no time to adapt this Wiki for users like him. Frosty will never come back here, but I think he will still be found from other sites. Goodbye Frosty, I will be missing you. You have been a worth of being here and always be a good friend for me.

Next I like to talk about chat rule project, which RSK mentioned. The idea is to make a whole new rules for chat and you have a power for it (These rules will be changed in need).

Requirements: I thought to make more strict rules, like lowering the number of warnings and motives when someone uses caps.

My ideas:

No CAPS! The words, where the big part of letters are capsed are included (EXAMPle). Abbveriations are accepted, but it must mean something and exist. Do not try to make your own abbveriation.

Don't disobey moderators. If they tells you to calm down, obey them. Don't try to make moderators to do something in order you will calm down, or you will be kicked.

Here comes your ideas

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