YES! It's finally released: Test subject complete!

I beated this game in no time and liked it. I will enjoy playing this game for loong while.

This game gives so much awesome new features and funny stuff, like playing as... OOPS! I'm not suppose to tell this yet, so, figure it out yourself. 

And those mercenaries' troll faces in the first levels, i laughed for them, but got annoyed, when playing first time yesterday. Mercenaries besides look awesome, but they're so babies from their personality. Most odd is, that they get bad ass in last levels, when they use their guns and makes awesome noises at last levels.

There's one more thing, which caught my attention: Why does everyone in last levels suddenly shrink from their normal size to Blue's size? And most of all, how the heck Professor got to Rex? I just can't understand it. These are the little things, which annoys me in games

I was so impressed, that this game has more voice acting, than ever before: More than in Nitrome must die, more than in Final ninja, more than in other Nitrome game.

This game deserves you lots of fun and puzzle for hours. 

Five slash five game, Phantaze recommends

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