Seriously, it feels like today is Tuesday. But I guess it's Monday. Anyway, welcome to second day of Pixel Love Olympics.

Game Goal Info
Slayin(high score) Get the highest score Play Slayin and record your scores upon death. Use of the dragon scale is allowed.
Tobe's Hookshot Escape Reach the greatest height After Tobe dies, a stats screen appears, with height being shown as one of the statistics. If you use a clean save, you can also get the "Best Height" from the Personal Records option in the menu.
Tightrope Theatre Fastest time to beat the entire game Play the entire game from the first to last level and time yourself. Start the stopwatch upon pressing the arrow keys in level 1 and stop it when the performer lands on the spotlight in the last level.


Day 2
Slayin (Highscore)
User Score
Takeshi64 88099
Random-Storykeeper 71810
Klemen702 13802
Tobe's hookshot escape
User Score
Random-Storykeeper 320M
Takeshi64 306M
MegaPhantaze 277M
Klemen702 66M
Tightrope Theatre
User Time
Takeshi64 7:12
MegaPhantaze 10:52
Klemen702 11:25
Random-Storykeeper 13:02
Satasha 20:04

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