Hello everyone. Christmas is incoming, so I decided to bring you an idea, which I got while chatting with Randomstorykeeper. Introducing Secret Santa's Nitrome version.

Mission statement

The idea is that you will make a blog, journal, etc., where you have made your wishlist. You will add to wishlist, what do you want to receive from your Secret Santa and link it to this page.


Wishlists must be made in a format of Blog and it can be done anywhere: Here at Wiki, DeviantArt, anywhere. When you are ready, link the blog to this blog post. Keep it visible for me. You must request only Nitrome-themed pictures and couples are welcome (follow the wiki policies). You can list various requests to wishlist, BUT ONLY ONE OF THEM MUST BE DONE!


Send your wishlists until December 1st. When deadline is reached, I will send you a PM, where I will gather all participants together and put them randomly to pairs. I am not sorting the users by looking their skill levels. You can be n00b or professional, but you can still participate.

Making a request

I almost forgot this one: When you get the note, who is your partner and finish your artwork, DO NOT TELL, WHO RECEIVES IT. The deadline is at Christmas eve, and then you can reveal, who you have given your secret Santa project. The style to make the request is free. Drawn, sprite, a video, anything


The project will be running, if there are at least ten users, who wants to take part to this Secret Santa.

My wishlist

Dear Secret Santa, I want this year one of these requests to be done (Pick one):

  • Vampire Hunter
  • Hazmat Hero
  • Doctor Nastidious
  • Bullethead guys

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