Today is the Nitrolympics day 1 and we have six users participating to this little event. 

Remember to tell your scores to this blog.

Events today

The events starts now and ends in 24 hours starting from this moment, or when I upload tomorrow next blog.

Adrenaline Rush

Play today Rush and get good time in first three tracks. Take an attention to timer when you get to finish line in the last round.

Personal record

Beating this will earn you bonus points.

48 seconds (Level 1)

57 seconds (level 2)

54 seconds (level 3)

Balloon Ride

Get as good score as you can in Hot Air Jr. The score is saved automatically. Die three times and the game is over.

Personal record


Snot Put

Throw three times to get good score. The best throw out of three wins.

Personal record


If you need help in tallying up the scores, invite me to (possible) stream to look at your score.


Results will be listed in next blog.  NAH, Nevermind.


Rush: 56.29, 1:16.09, 56.29

Hot Air JR: 1155

Snot put: 2914M


Hot Air JR: 1103

Snot Put: 458M


Hot Air JR: 2995

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