Although there weren't much of participations in last Nitrolympics, I still got a suggestion about another one. This time we have Pixel-love games.


This time I am giving you plenty time to particiate to this one. I was thinking three weeks, so everyone has time to enter. 






Day 1: Get Movieng[1]

Game Event description
Sheepwalk Complete all levels in one sitting in the fastest time.
Music for Decay Try to get the highest score within 24 hours
Bump  try to get the highest score within 24 hours

Day 2: Far and high[2]

Game Event description
Slayin (high score) Get the highest score in three tries
Tobe's Hookshot Escape Reach the greatest height in 24 hours
Tightrope Theatre How fast can you complete the entire game in one sitting? (you can take as many tries as you'd like in one day.)

Day 3: Black and white[3]

Game Event description
Hyper Pixel Man Unlimited (Recommended): Get as far as possible. The limit of deaths is 30
Stakes Get the highest score within 24 hours
Canabalt How far can you get within 5 tries?

Day 4: Big and fast[4]

Game Event description
Colossal Clean-up Get the highest score within 24 hours
Shark lifting 2 Clear ten levels and get the Highest score 
Roar Rampage High score within three attempts or less

Day 5: Revi siit[5]

Game Event description
Slayin (he most far) Proceed as far as you can within three deaths
Super Puzzle Platformer Get the highest score within 24 hours
Bed hogg The best time within 24 hours (The times are only documented in whole seconds, so just doing the lowest time could end up with ties. Here, we can see who can achieve a fast time consistently)

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