Nanobots is a shoot em up game, where you are controlling grey nanobot, which must destroy it's rivals with several mutations.


I have proudly beaten this game and i must admit this game is veery difficult. I haven't tried this game with keyboard yet, but i think it's way past harder, than with mouse.


Don't get tempted by the number of levels, cause like i say, this is very hard game. Enemies are popping from everywhere and you must sometimes dodge other nanobots until it's colored mutator appears. And the levels are so long, that the beginners will be automatically killed. The thing doesn't sound like any easier, when we add randomly appearing matters. Some of them are completely invisible.


Cannon is good weapon to take out enemies fast.

Orb is useless, cause you must go dangerously close to the enemy, if you want to hit it. This is more hard with super viruses.

Bombs are good too to delete enemies, but sometimes, there comes dangerous times.


Even though this is almost impossible game, it has much challenge, which brings some minor change to Nitrome's other games.

I'll give 8 points for this

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