I have heard, that i beat games very fast and have asked do i get worried, if i run out of them. Answer is no, cause there's some hard things on few games and i want to tell them:

Pixel Pop: Level 4 Hard: I have read instructions of the game thousand times and still i can't get far from the first ghost. What should I do?

Pest control: i am on last two levels of world 3 and haven't got from those games, where you must hit the mouse as fast as you can and those blobs, which pops up from the cactus.

Hot air: I don't even want to play this game, cause even those places, which doesn't have spikes kills you.

Bomba: How the heck i get from that level, where you must deliver the time bomb to the blob and why there's no place to place it without getting exploded within?

There's some. You guys have problems too?

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