Don't let today's Pixel Love Olympic games make you black, although today is alot of black and white games.

Game Goal Info
Hyper Pixel Man Reach the farthest level Play on Unlimited mode starting at level 1 and watch your death count. When you reach 30 deaths, record the level you are on.
Stakes Get the highest score Submit your highest score, found on the right panel of the game. If you clear your high score from the Options menu, you can also record this data, found directly above the current score value.
Canabalt Reach the farthest distance When the Game Over screen appears, text below it will indicate how far you ran. Record these distances, and submit your farthest one achieved within the day.
Day 3
Hyper Pixel Man
User Level
MegaPhantaze 27
Takeshi64 26
Klemen702 14
Satasha 9
User Score
MegaPhantaze 169
Takeshi64 156
Satasha 97
Klemen702 61
User Meters
MegaPhantaze 3458M
Klemen702 3363M
Takeshi64 2987M
Satasha 2562

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