Colour Blind was very pleasant surprise, especially it was released at my birthday, like Nitrome knew it was coming.

Game is bit challenging, especially the last two stages: I don't even want to talk about level 19, where one mistake can make you cry blood. ummm, I mean water, eh.

The game's dialogue is fantastic and the gameplay too. One minus is, that you can't kill enemies by jumping and there's so few places where they die, when activating color.

And those coins are too easy to find, except that jumping problem, like in test subject complete: In TSC, if you move right after you change gravity, Blue will fall. Frustrating. In colour blind, one day ago i jumped to the green platform, but i fell through it.

PS. I'm also doing some dream logo variations with Nitrome sounds. First will be Starry Night productions logo with DR nastidious laugh.

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