Welcome to first Nitrolympics. Before you ask, No, this doesn't have anything to do with Gameathon. This is just another event I decided to bring fo people to give some entertainment.

What is Nitrolympics

Unlike Gameathon, Nitrolympics is little longer event, which is about 15 chosen games. In this event you have the possibility to get "Gold medal" from these events I and other Nitromians has chosen for you.

About time table

Okay, first of all, I am going to tell about time table for this:

  • The event starts July 20th and ends July 25th.
  • Every day, there are given 3 events, which all lasts 24 hours from the starting time.
  • The performances must be informed for me (MegaPhantaze). They can be broadcasted via Hangouts or Twitch. Make sure to tell me, so I know to come see how you are doing.

Time Table

NOTES: You don't have to take part to every event same day. You can do for example one of your favorites that day, but you can also take part to all events.


Adrenaline Rush (Rush: Complete first three tracks as fast as you can), Balloon Ride (Hot Air Jr: High score within three tries. Die thrice and game is over), Snot put (Three throws: Best throw is your score)


Frosty Skating (Thin ice: Score as many points as you can within three tries. Die Thrice and game is over), Swatting (Pest Control: Complete as many missions as you can within three tries) and Dino Archery (B.C Bow Contest: 3-1 arrows, Balloon Cup)


Scuba diving (Aquanaut: Three tries, three deaths and you are out with the best combined score), Benji Exploration (Swindler. Collect as many stars as you can within three tries) and Chick Trampoline (Chick Flick: get as good score as possible within three tries)


Fluff Soccer (Fluffball: Collect as many jewels within three tries), Penguin Snowboarding (Avalanche: Survival mode. Get far as possible. ONLY ONE TRY, SO GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT!), and Gladiator fencing (Double-edged: Get as many points as you can within ONE TRY)


Uneven Freezebars (Cold Storage: Get as many points as possible within three tries), Flipping Keirin (Flipside: Three tracks. No matter if you lose, just write down the best times from 3 tracks) and Bumping Sumo (Bump Battle Royale. Points depends within three lost battles).


Here you can participate. I will write your name here. You have this weekend to enter, until we start. By the way, all events starts 6AM and each contest day ends next day's 6AM. Do not wake up to wait that time though, since you have the whole day time to play the games and give the scores.







MegaPhantaze (Unofficial contestant. My records are not counted)

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