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  • Megaphantaze

    Get here to see me streaming some games now. The stream will start when I get some watchers here

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  • Megaphantaze

    Go Pogo: Real Visor

    November 27, 2015 by Megaphantaze

    So I just saw that some users has got an idea that the Protagonist in changeType() appears in Go pogo with name Visor. I just unlocked the character and I am sorry to give you Disappointment, but you guys are wrong. Since Wiki doesn't let me upload the picture I took with my phone, check the real Visor here and see what I mean

    Because of this fact, I'm gonna change the Protagonist site back how it is

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  • Megaphantaze

    2000 edits reached

    November 9, 2015 by Megaphantaze

    Wow. Just wow. Today I finally reached 2,000 edits in this Wiki. I don't know what to say?

    Thank you all from your support here and elsewhere. This place has been a perfect learning enviroment for me and I have liked my time here. To celebrate this, I'm gonna get some blueberry pie soon. 

    Empty space comes here, since nothing else to say

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  • Megaphantaze

    Welcome to Magic Touch hints-blog. In this blog, I will share some hints with you relating to Magic touch.

    I had an idea to add a picture about how to draw the hard symbols in Magic Touch: Wizard for hire, but since the rules say that pictures must relate to Nitrome, I post the symbols here instead. In this blog, I have pictures showing you how the symbols should be drawn so they are accepted with high chance.

    Descriptions for the symbols comes later

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  • Megaphantaze

    I got busy at Sunday and the plans with day gameathon gone wrong.

    I am gonna hold the event this Friday on 12PM as usual, so I hope you will be there

    Games we are gonna play are just type this and Mega Mash

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