I wonder is Nitrome will ever make Mutiny 2. The ending of Mutiny had a teaser, but that was it. Here are my prdictions.

  • Gameplay
  • More Weapons
  • Everytime you defeat an enemy, you'd unlock a certain weapon, like in B.C. Bow Contest
  • Enemies
  • Kraken - Probably the final boss, they said it in the ending.
  • Mysterious Tentacle - Kind of like a mini-boss.
  • Ninjas - Come on, pirates vs. ninjas!
  • Fishmen - Reference to One Piece (tehe)
  • Double Pegleg Pirates - Like the double eyepatch.
  • A reference to Squawk - It's Nitrome's only other pirate game.
  • Scientist Pirates - ...

And to top it off, a reference to the Pirates of the Carribean, because everyone loves that movie.

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