Hello i'm Klem here you probably know that... anyway while searching i found a song i once wrote about the test subject series long ago so i wanted to share it with you all :) It's about the history of the game's it contains spoilers.It was inspiried by harryuk101's portal songs :) (Please note that this might not sound like a song)

TS song:

Proffesor: One day i was making research on the orange enzyme and it was not what expected then i acedently created a blue enzyme...i called him Blue

Blue:And i woke up happily i alredy saw who my father was,he put me in a suit to protect me from orange and then happily went with tests but then one day one of my copies was tested with orange...

Proffesor:And so i created green!

Blue:Then when we were testing with green and was a jerk i had a bad felling and my father to until one day i was stolen.

Dr.nasty:I finaly got Blue and my plans are beggining.

Blue:All i was doing tests and i heard him talk about evil and then one day he showed me a suit... me and the suit became friends and escaped the cage,and we were trying to find my father until we found out h was dead,i cried then we escaped in a jar and a machine was trying to destroy use until i discovered i can bring life back,we came back and sacrified myself.

Rex209:And also sent some data...

Proffesor:And i woke up again and i hat to travel to find one of my bigger suits,i got in it and told me everything and went and faced him in a machine!I somehow won and then escaped the facility self destructing,my researched had died and i learned a few things and never madethe exlir of life ever again!

That's it!It was my first song i made long ago! (like 2 months ago or something!)

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