Hello Klemen702 here, a bit off topic but you have to be ready beacuse this weird thing might happen which i assume is my wiki getting hacked.

Anyway i won't tell the name of my wiki unless i need too but here is the story:

Anyway i was in the chat of my wiki with darkbowser (AKA superyoshibros as some of you know on this wiki) and then sudenly, 2 random pepole i don't even know came into the chat, and for some reason they were chat modetators, when i never even knew them, anyway me and darkbowser started talking and instead of our accounts started saying the messages, the other pepole we didn't knew said our messages instead, we were confused and i could not kick them so i had to ban them, when i was banning a third one appeared out of random and i banned him aswell, can someone please explain what is happening .-.

I did not take any screenshot of this.

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