• Klemen702

    Did my wiki get hacked?

    September 4, 2014 by Klemen702

    Hello Klemen702 here, a bit off topic but you have to be ready beacuse this weird thing might happen which i assume is my wiki getting hacked.

    Anyway i won't tell the name of my wiki unless i need too but here is the story:

    Anyway i was in the chat of my wiki with darkbowser (AKA superyoshibros as some of you know on this wiki) and then sudenly, 2 random pepole i don't even know came into the chat, and for some reason they were chat modetators, when i never even knew them, anyway me and darkbowser started talking and instead of our accounts started saying the messages, the other pepole we didn't knew said our messages instead, we were confused and i could not kick them so i had to ban them, when i was banning a third one appeared out of rand…

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  • Klemen702

    Hello pepole, as the title says, i am taking a break for wikia, you might of noticed that i have been doing things less lately on the wiki's.There are reasons why i am taking a break:

    1.Problems with the computer.

    2.I am returning to another community about a game (and i'm not telling you hehe :3)

    3.I got bored from this.

    The only wiki i will be checking on is the pikmin wiki and possibly something else, everything else related to wikia is offline.

    Thank you for listening to this message. ~Peace


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  • Klemen702

    Hello today when i came to i could not log in, i asked mega if he can log in and he said yes, i tried again and still no work. So i am assuming that i was banned, nitrome didn't even send me an email or something about this! The only thing i can think of is that nitrome misunderstanded my age and thought i was 9 when in reality i'm 14 from one of my comments. I don't know what happpened,  but i might be banned.

    EDIT: I'm still not entirely sure what happened but i assume i either somehow forgot my password or the new windows 7 update did something with it, i have now changed my password and i can now be on thanks for the help.

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  • Klemen702

    Is this another ban?

    April 3, 2014 by Klemen702

    While looking at headcase i saw this:

    The user made an inappropiate edit if you look at the one at the left. Allthrough he did fix it with an edit conflict, will he get banned?

    Klemen702 (talk) 19:52, April 3, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Klemen702

    Klem's TS song

    January 11, 2014 by Klemen702

    Hello i'm Klem here you probably know that... anyway while searching i found a song i once wrote about the test subject series long ago so i wanted to share it with you all :) It's about the history of the game's it contains spoilers.It was inspiried by harryuk101's portal songs :) (Please note that this might not sound like a song)

    TS song:

    Proffesor: One day i was making research on the orange enzyme and it was not what expected then i acedently created a blue enzyme...i called him Blue

    Blue:And i woke up happily i alredy saw who my father was,he put me in a suit to protect me from orange and then happily went with tests but then one day one of my copies was tested with orange...

    Proffesor:And so i created green!

    Blue:Then when we were testin…

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