For me, it's that time of year again. Every year, on the days from November 1 to whenever Thanksgiving day is, I play and complete a collection of Nitrome games. It really is a time of year that I look forward to, as I prohibit myself to play these games any other time of year. This is my Thanksgiving lineup in order:

1. In the Doghouse

2. Sky Serpents

3. Enemy 585

4. Double Edged

5. Twin Shot

6. Twin Shot 2

7. B.C. Bow Contest

8. Toxic

9. Toxic 2

And my Christmas lineup in order:

1. Gift Wrapped

2. Icebreaker

3. Icebreaker: Red Clan

4. Icebreaker: The Gathering

5. Frost Bite

6. Cold Storage

7. Bad Ice Cream

8. Thin Ice

9. Jack Frost

10. Avalanche

11. Snow Drift

12. Frost Bite 2

In any case, I am excited.

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