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  • IJZM

    Chat Stuff

    October 9, 2015 by IJZM

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I am writing this blog post because of some stuff that happened today while in chat. Before I start explaining the events, I will be posting the chat log from today, from 1:39 to 5:13.

    To see it, you must download the file, and open it with any browser.

    Okay, now, i will start with explaining some of the events:

    The incident starts at 4:48, when User:Nutzboy130 said the word "PLZ" 4 times in a row. Then I proceeded with giving him a friendly warning. And finally he started asking me, how can 4 words be considered as spam. The corresponding picture is here:

    Now, before we carry on, I would just like to point o…

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  • IJZM

    Hello guys!

    We are organizing another event that will take place the 21, from 2 to 3:45 AM (In GMT time). Click here to check what time it will be for your timezone!

    At the time presented, I will be giving away the google hangout link in chat. To let us know that you are comming, and to suggest a game,click here.

    Below this, there will be the schedule for the event (again, the times are in GMT):

    2:00 2:10 SETTING UP 10 MINUTES
    2:10 2:50 FIRST GAME 40 MINUTES
    2:50 3:00 BREAK 10 MINUTES
    2:50 3:40 SECOND GAME 40 MINUTES
    3:40 3:45 FINISHING UP 5 MINUTES

    If you want to know more about the event, check out the first post, by clicking here.

    Now, Here are the results from the First Game-A-Thon, they are divided in 2 tables, the fir…

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  • IJZM

    Hello guys!

    We are organizing an event that will take place on February 15, starting from 2 AM and finishing at 3:40 AM (GMT).
    The point of this event is to interact a bit with the Nitrome Wiki community.

    But the question: How are we gonna do it?
    At the mentioned time, we will start a Google Hangout, and it will be free for everyone to join.
    Then, we will tell everyone that can to turn on their microphone, and start sharing screens (not really necesary).
    And we will start racing! Then, after the playing time is over, we will start another game!

    But now, the important part: we need you!
    So, if you want to join, just follow the instructions in the next link:
    We are very excited for this, and we hope that you guys are ab…

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  • IJZM

    Hey guys, I know i dont edit a lot on this wiki, but i have to get this out of my chest, so here is a kinda sad story about me:

    Everything started on last September. I was getting ready for my gymnastics competition, I had been training gymnastics since I was 7, now I am 15.

    It was the 22nd and the next day, I was having my first Sudamerican competition, which was kinda a big deal for me. I was kinda nervous, but very secure that I would get good results.

    As tomorrow (the 23rd ) was the competition, I did a review of all my routines (there are about 6 apparatus, and you make an specific routine for each one), just once on each apparatus.

    After finishing the fifth, I went and prepared for the last one, the High Bar. I put my hand protectors (LINK…

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  • IJZM

    Project: Nitrome

    November 21, 2014 by IJZM

    Hello guys, it's been a while since I  ever written something here, heck, it's been a while since I've ever entered

    So, I am writting here, because I thought I could get some help. I got this idea, of like playing throught a lot of Nitrome games in a short time, mostly probably racing with a friend, and I would like to know in what order should be play them (something like the best games first).

    Well... thats probably it, I might record it andd upload it to youtube or something. Thanks in advance for helping, and have a good day :)


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