9th September 2012 : 09:01 A.M.

I overslept and when I woke up I realized all of my gadgets (my iPod Touch, my Samsung Galaxy Ace, my Wii, all of my DS) and the gadget games and my laptop and all of the computers and the TV in the house were stolen and I said "Oh, crud"

The Five Suspects are :

A Robotic Squid (from Toxic 1)

Swindler (from Swindler)

A Nipbot (from Chisel 2)

A Pink Crab (from Dangle)

and a Snow Spirit (from Lockehorn)

Suspect Phrases :

Robot Squid : "It was Swindler. He steals bling all the time"

Swindler : "How was it Me, The baddie is none other than the pink crab"

Nipbot : "I wouldn't steal anything, I'm a harmless turnip robot"


Snow Spirit : "What have I done. I haven't done anything wrong"

The real suspect is lying

Which one of the suspects is lying?

This is Puzzle 002 (Picarats : 25)

Previous Puzzles :

Puzzle 001 : Bunk Beds (Picarats : 30) (Winner : NOBODY)

Clues :

The Nipbot and Snow Spirit are both telling the truth

The real suspect is not a robot

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