It has come to my attention that there is a rule about not using you. I wondered about that and thought it was a bit silly after all in grammar there is in every setence suppossed to be a subject in the setence and the subject tells you who or what dose this action. For exsample 'The cat jumped on the windowsill' the cat is the subject of the sentence since it tells who jumped on the windowsill. I guess anybody could say that the player is also a subject but sometimes it is a bit hard to put the player in. I could also say that who is reading this blog post? Not the player but you! It would really sound strange saying a person is reading this blog post and it is much better to use you. It is like by taking out you that you are meant to write in third person. Has it ever been thought that some people like to write in first person? I wish someone would change the you rule.

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