Hello there! The purpose of this blog post is an unofficial summary of the key points of opposition and agreement raised by the announcement of Project Standardize.

What is Project Standardize

Project Standardize is project proposed by the admin User:Emitewiki2 for the purposes of making images easier to find. Project Standardize attempts to accomplish this via renaming images so that they contain their game name of origin, their component category, and their article name in a set pattern.

This renaming is intended to help user's find images via the search bar so that, in the event that an image needs to go on multiple pages or has already been uploaded, it can be found quickly.

Points of Agreement

Bear in mind that these points are, as the project has not started, believed benefits. Only when the project has completed are these points able to be confirmed.

Major Points

  • It will make images easier to find and add to pages by its standard convention
    • Users will also easily be able to name images due to the standard convention
  • Users who use certain tools such as Special:PrefixIndex will be able to find images easier

Minor Points

  • Image titles will have some relevance to the articles title
  • If there were previously upload files that were unused, users could easily find them
    • Users will also be prevented from uploading duplicated images.
  • New users may benefit
  • File names will be easier to remember

Points of Opposition

Major Points

  • Finding images by searching for pages is more likely than searching up file names
    • Most images pertaining to the subject are presented on it page making it easier to find similar images.
    • The proposed system suggests user have seen before what they are seeking, therefor the logical choice of going to a page
  • Searching out images takes a short amount of time
  • Some editors (Grammar Cat, NOBODY, and AustinCarter4Ever), have disclosed or presented doubt that this system will be used even if it is completed

Minor Points

  • It will take a long time due to the large volume of images.
    • Note: This point is not really valid since a benefit justifies the effort
  • Duplicate files are infrequent since most files are present on their specific pages
  • Remembering file names is unnecessary
  • The majority of images are used only once

To the Reader

Based on what I have compiled, which I believe to be cohesive, how would you now vote for Project Standardize?
Do you believe it is necessary and would benefit the Nitrome Wiki, or do you find that it is unnecessary and the effort is unjustified?

If I have missed any points brought up in the discussion, feel free to tell me and I will add them.

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