Grammar Cat
Winged Cat
Gender Female
Species Kitty
Faction Good
Health Varies
Level(s) All
Status Free from time limits!
Game(s) Life

Grammar Cat is a character in the world who is a self-proclaimed cat fantic with a tendency to spell things wrong.


Grammar Cat looks identical to a Winged Cat.

Game information

On one day of no importance, Grammar Cat was set free of time limits. No longer would she have to be restricted to how much time she spent on the internet. Because of this, the annoying task of calculating time and writing it down, being accused by her mother of stealing time from her, and uncertainty of whether she should get off the computer or stay on, has now been removed!


Every time I go to make a blog post I see the preload bar above. It annoys me that I decided to actually use it because it was there. The template means nothing and is just intended to be humorous. A few days ago I asked my Dad if I had to log my time. He said no and a few days later I asked the same question and got the same response. I kept doing it till my Mom told me to actually ask Dad how long this would go on.

So I did and he told me he was abandoning the old log-your-time-and-get-off-once-it-is-two-hours plan (which was intended to prevent us from spending too much time on the computer). So now I no longer have to log my time and how long I stay on the computer is now up to me! Now I can contribute more! Time to go edit!

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