Weekly Update: November 16 - 22

Hello there! For the very same reasons as our previous weekly update, I will be bringing you our weekly update of contributions to the Nitrome Wiki pertaining to the notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

Notable new edits

Categories to various game articles as well as citations to pages have been added by NOBODY.

Megaphantaze added a disambiguation to the serpents article. [1]

New Content

The miner canary article had more information added regarding the character's corruption. [2]

Megaphantaze added description to the appearance sections of King Edward, Dave, and panic bot from Vault!. [3]


Megaphantaze uploaded the updated version of the mobile icon fro Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire to the respective wizard article. [4]

Megaphantaze also uploaded an animated image of the recent Go Pogo preview to the Go Pogo article.[5]

This concludes the weekly update and many thanks to those who read and contributed!

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