Dear wikians, judging by the title I'll never be able to play any nitrome games again. Why? Because every time a game starts up a weird thing pops up saying let nitrome place information on my computer. The whole thing dosen't respond and I can't get it off my computer. My dad did every thing he could but the thing still came up. So now I can only write about stuff and play on my dad's computer witch he is on allot. So now I'm really stuck until something happens...


So now there is something going weird with my computer. The games I play that don't have any levels completed will have the thing pop up. I played Yin Yang witch I recently beat some levels nothing happend. Then when I went into a the first level of the game it appeared. I moved Yin and the window didn't disappear. I made Yin jump but he didn't so something weird is definetly going on...

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