So some of you have probably seen the main page and, though it isn't complete, it is actually quite funny. The sarcasm is clearly a mark of my brother. Test subject incomplete was actually probably the funniest thing I've seen yet. The featured article was funny and so was the unrelated spring. Good job whoever worked on the main page! (I don't know who it was to be honest) Unlike the Nitrome Wiki's April Fools day jokes which are obviously complete and total lies that are easier to guess, the Neutronized Wiki went after a much different angle.

Well, since I heard no word from RSK, I think she is probably still angry at me, I got creative and made some fake images and also most of them with the exception of Door Rampage and the ongoing jokes about Neutronized, were influenced by my brother who started joking around. You can check out the recurring jokes here and I hope some of you get the humour.

Can any of you guess what I created the main character from Door Rampage from? It is in a nitrome game. Go ahead and comment on this post. Bye.

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