Hello Nitromians! I was always upset by my old computer and how it was always slower then all the computers in my house and it always took so long to load flash games and most of them were slow. Going to Nitrome was super slow and sometimes the games would slow down considerably. I couldn't do video walkthroughs on my computer because it would slow it down. The only thing that I used it for was to check emails or write in my text editor. When Slime Laboratory 2 was released (May 30) I abandon using my computer all together and instead used my mom's laptop.

So, after all the disappointment with my computer what do you think happened? I got a new computer!! Well not exactly new I think its refurbished but for me it is new. Now I have a up to date graphics card and everything is faster. :) Not to mention I also have a new keyboard in one of my favorite colours, black! My computer doesn't hum anymore so now I wont be as distracted when I'm writing.

Now that everything is faster, I'm going to go play some Neutronized and Nitrome Games. Well, thanks for reading and feel free to comment!


Flash is not installed! Oh well, it looks like I'll have to be happy and use another computer. \(^.^)/

New Update

My dad installed flash for me yesterday and I didn't say it was installed because I was kind of tired (I woke up at 6:41 a.m. and I normally wake up at 8 or 10).

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